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The absolute terror of a panic attack, that out-of-the-blue horror that leaves you feeling that you might be dying. Read More

I like to use my skills and knowledge and experience to help each individual in a way that suits them uniquely. Read More

I believe that each of us has an ability to transform ourselves to achieve our true potential and live the life we desire. Read More

Solicitors and Medico-legal

As a professional, do you often wish you knew someone who could help your clients to come to terms with the trauma they have suffered in their road traffic accident or industrial accident or criminal attack? You’ve helped them face their legal and financial challenges and now you’d like to point them towards someone who can help them face their emotional challenges.  [Read more ...]

Emergency Services

As police, paramedics or firefighters you are often called on to attend disturbing or traumatic scenes that despite all your best efforts can leave traces in your minds. As a professional you have been trained to deal with such difficult situations, but as a person sometimes you can be shocked, upset and even traumatized by things you see on the job.  [Read more ...]

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